Introduction Global Research Laboratory

The mission of the Cyber Security Research Center (CSEC) at Soongsil University is to make significant impact to our society through innovative research projects in the areas of cyberspace security and defense. Our research interests lie in the field of systems security to discover and mitigate security concerns by detecting/exploiting/mitigating vulnerabilities with various program analysis techniques. We are, also, passionate about analyzing, finding and resolving security issues in a wide range of topics.

In addition, CSEC aims to nurture advanced security experts in the field of cyber security. We have been conducting collaborative researches with the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (CDF) and the Laboratory of Security Engineering for Future Computing (SEFCOM) at Arizona State University. We have achieved very productive and satisfactory synergy through regular meetings, visiting research, and joint projects. We are always looking for a passionate and perspective researcher.

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